Telling Your Story in your Holiday Home

My home is filled with my family stories... all you have to do is look around to see vintage typewriters, jars filled with cream buttons, framed photos of family and friends, to the vintage teacups and ornaments. 
The teacup is one from my beloved Grandma's collection.  For the holidays, it's turned on edge to hold a vintage Christmas ornaments from one of the many antiquing trips with my mom and sister.  Normally this tea cup is turned upright with an earring sitting on a vintage spoon from my Great Grandma Middleton.

The typewriter sits out year round, but at Christmas it holds holiday sheet music.  The Ball Jar is filled with vintage cream buttons.  My Grandma Jones used to have tins of buttons.  As children, one of our favorite games to play with Grand was Button, Button, Whose Got the Button.  This jar sits out all year round but at the holidays, some pine greenery, a crocheted snowflake and lights are added. 

Remember as you decorate for the holidays, add pieces in your home that tell your story.  Don't forget to take photos and journal those memories of your treasured pieces to put your scrapbook albums and journals.  Bonus:  by taking photos you can recreate the look year after year with minimal effort.


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