Sports Memory Mini Album

With the start of school and fall sports, this is a great time to get your athlete's memories recorded in one of my favorite scrapbook albums - Sports Memories Album Kit for Photographs & Memories using 7 Gypsies products.
Our family has many sports photos and memories over the years.  From golf, to soccer, to baseball...

and football, to basketball and everything in between.  This album is filled with lots of places for photos, ticket stubs and journaling.

It is filled with vintage inspired pages and beautiful rich colors.

It also has the chipboard alphabet that you can add words and your favorite sports numbers.
This is a great way to showcase your family sports memories.

I can't wait to add our favorite sports photos from and remember all those special family times.

And then add the journaling to complete this family treasure.

Have you documented your sports memories?  This Sports Memories Mini Album Kit is now available.  Grab yours today and start scrapbooking your memories!


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