Spring Photography Tips

Spring is here... so grab your camera and head outside to capture Spring in all her glory.

Here are a few tips to help get you started:
  • The best lighting is early morning when the sun is coming up or late afternoon/evening as the sun is setting.  This is generally referred to the golden hours.  This helps avoid harsh light and shadows that can distract from your subject. 
  • Make sure to get down on their level and get up close to capture the beauty of each bloom.
  • Flowers look great with the sun behind them or coming in from the side, by photographing them during the golden hours.  This gives a beautiful glow to the bloom.
  • Use a very low depth of field to help blur the background and give the focus on the bloom.

Hoping these few tips will get you started in capture this season... 
so grab your camera and start clicking!

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