Are We There Yet?

As a child we took road trips to see our grandparents at the lake.  It took three hours to get there along with a few stops along with way.  I remember asking "Are we there yet" so many times...
Especially since our youngest sister suffered from car sickness.  When we would hit those hilly roads the windows would go down to help the breeze come in.

Oh the memories of traveling to see our grandparents and then finally arriving at our destination. 
This past summer, my husband and son drove up to Canada and fished. 
So many wonderful road trip memories that they have that I wanted to capture for them. 
From their trips to beautiful hotels, to the Mall of America and then finally to their destination at Obabikin Bay. 
They spent four glorious days fishing, then shore lunch and finished the day fishing again. 
The many wonderful father and son moments will be captured in this album. 
And the fish "stories" will be back up with proof that it actually happened! 
I can't wait to get these photos in the album and share it with our family.  
Do you have travel memories that you need to get documented? 
This mini album kit is now available at Photographs and Memories.  Grab one now before their all gone!

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