Photography: The Art of Expression ((Due to Heat - will be Rescheduled))

I am super excited to be teaching this workshop at Heart Sisters Scrapbooking Events. 

 Do you ever wonder how a photographer capture that dreamy picture?  Would you like to capture stunning photos that capture those precious family moments, the stunning beauty of nature and make them shine in your photo albums and in social media?  Guess what?  This can all be done by mastering manual mode!   This workshop we will go out to a nearby park and learn to capture photos that express your own unique style.  

I will be sharing her tips and tricks on lighting and how to create dreamy photos with those blurry backgrounds.  Learn different angles and ways to capture more creative photos.  Bring your camera or camera phone and tripod (if you have one) and come create some fantastic photos on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.
Click here to register for this class.

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