Taking Better Photos - Envision, Plan then Create

Spend time thinking about the next photo opportunity that is coming up.  Whether
 that is your kiddo's basketball game, outside on a nature walk or creating a still life photo.
Envision the photos that you want to capture.  There is nothing wrong about looking at other great photography to get creative inspiration.  I even have a few Pinterest boards that I pin beautiful images to for inspiration.  

Study those photos and then plan how to capture your perfect photos.Where is the best place to stand to capture that image?  What is the light source?  Will it be low light or natural light?  What story would you like to tell either about the subject or you as a photographer?

All most all of my really best photos are ones that I planned in advance.  Rarely did it just happen.  

 I encourage you this week to find a subject to photograph, then envision your photo and how to create it.  Then start clicking.  See you again next week for some more photography tips.

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Most everything I photograph is never anything planned. If something catches my eye, I pull out my phone. It's the quickest way to capture spur of the moment happenings. Happy February!