Taking Better Photos - Know Your Camera

This month, I am staring off my weekly tips on Taking Better Photos.  Today, we start off with getting to know your camera.  Pull out that camera manual that you probably haven't pulled out since you first got your camera... if you even did it at that time.
Read over the basics of your camera, whether that is a DSLR, point and shoot or your phone camera.  Take a few moments today to learn your settings - what they do and how to change them.  Make sure to pack your manual with you camera to be able to reference this valuable resource while on the go.
When I am setting up to take photos in a new environment, take a few photos to see if any adjustments need to be made.  Normally, this is adjusting my ISO to accommodate for low light situations.  

Schedule time to take photos... lots of photos.  Adjust the ISO settings, focal point, etc.  Then evaluate your photos and determine what photos you liked best.  Then determine why you do like them and try to achieve the same results again.

I hope you take time this week to get to know your camera.  Then have fun spending time taking photos.   We will be discussing using backgrounds in your photography.  Hope to see you then.

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