Taking Better Photos - Create Artistic Photos

Today we are going to talk about creating artistic photos.  The great thing about using your digital camera is that you can shot lots of photos without have the expense of printing the photos to see them.   Retake the photo and determine which ones are your favorite and why.  With digital cameras this takes the expense out of printing the photos.
Change the lighting by shooting the same shot at different times of the day.  Study the light by finding the lighting that give you the look that you want to achieve.  I love the early morning or early evening hours, known as the magic or golden hours.  This is when the light is softer.
Change the setting or placement of the subject.  Retake the photo and determine what is your favorite and why.  
Then in post editing you can take a normal photo and apply presets, actions to create a more dramatic and artistic photo.  Some great post editing software that I use regularly are Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.    

I hope you have enjoyed the photo tips this month.  In February, I am going to continue sharing my photography tips on Mondays.   Now go out this week and take photos... take lots of photos.  And start developing your own artistic style.

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White Sheep said...

Use a polarizer. With the use of a polarizer, you can do blue sky almost black, although this is most likely not what you want to achieve as a result of the shooting of the summer sky, but a polarizer gives a lot of interesting features and provides a broad field for experimentation. And use HDR http://hdrprograms.com/ soft for getting better shots