Taking Better Photos - Change Perspective

This week we are talking about changing your perspective to give you photos that tell your unique story.  Sometimes it is easy to get in the rut of taking photos from your level and not taking the time to get down on the level of the subject that you are photographing.  
For this photo I sat on the floor and photographed our sweet Tinky's face.  Just love this little girl.  If I had been standing above and photographing downward, I wouldn't have captured her beautiful expression.

If you don't like how it looks in the view finder, move and change the angle.  For this photo, I captured my grandma's beautiful chandelier that now graces my home by standing on a chair with the Christmas tree in the background.  
You don't always to have to photograph the entire subject to tell you story.  In the case of the chandelier, it tells the story of our first holiday with it gracing our home.  Sometimes by moving it will also change the direction of the light.
This photo, I captured the golden afternoon light through the leaves of our tree.  By changing the direction of where I stood I was able to capture a stunning photo of our tree in all it's autumn glory.

This week, I hope you take time play with your camera  and focus on changing your perspective of the subjects that you are photographing.  Just remember to move, stand on something, sit or lay on the floor.  Not only will you change your perspective you get some exercise too!  

Next week, we will be taking about taking artistic photos.  I hope you will join us.  

If you have any questions or comments on taking better photos, please let me know.