Taking Better Photos - Backgrounds

Today we are talking about backgrounds.  We will be covering ways to eliminate the distracting background and what things can be used to make a pleasing background.  As you continue to learn your camera and take more photos, start being more aware of not only the subject of the photo but what is in the background. Try to eliminate distracting backgrounds by moving either the subject or your angle at capturing the photo.

 Sometimes that isn't always possible or things go unnoticed, as in this photo when taking the photo.  This distraction was easily taken care of by cropping it in post production.   Cropping this photo also help really put the focus on my nephew.  Sometimes converting to a black and white photo will also help minimize the distracting background.
But be careful not to crop out a background that tells a story, as in this photo.  I wanted to capture this memory that shows we were aboard the Disney Cruise with the Mickey Ears.
You can also find or create backgrounds to make your photos stand out. 
For this photo, my son wanted me to capture him and his truck.  I could have just done that by photographing him in his truck, but I used the side of the truck along with the beautiful fall background.  
Be on the lookout for interesting backgrounds - old building, doorways, etc.

You can also create interesting backgrounds in your still photography to give it a light and airy feeling.  By combining light fabrics such as cheese cloth draped over a backdrop.

Here is my makeshift photo booth... two chairs that I have clipped white poster board to and then draped it with cheese cloth.
Then positioned in front a window for natural light.
This week, I hope you take your camera or camera phone and start taking photos.  Find or make backgrounds and then take lots of photos.  Then really look at them and figure out which you like to capture moments of your life.  
Next week, we will be working on changing perspective.  I hope you join me.

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