Life is Good

This little guy has brought us so many blessings to our family.  He has filled our home with joy and laughs for 9 years.  We again prepare for another surgery next week to hopefully fix his hip so he can live without pain.  Love this little guy.

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suzyb said...

Our pets are our family. I am sending nothing but positive thoughts to you and your wee fur baby. I have four little dogs, two Bostons that are both going to be 12 this year and two Chihuahua siblings that are 7 now. Stan the older of everyone is down to one eye and that has a bad cataract in it, so he is nearly blind. He really is my heart dog. He is my first Boston and he has made me a lover of this breed. I just can't see my life without a dog in it. Sad as it can get sometimes in being guardians to these lovely creatures, my life would be soooo empty without one.
I do hope they can relieve the pain and he can at least live out his life pain free. I love the photo of him in this post, such a cutie :)