Photoshop Friday - Layering Digital Elements the Easy Way

Welcome to another Photoshop Friday, where I will be sharing another fun and easy tutorial.  Do you love the look of layering as much as I do?  Did you know that you can create that digitally too? 
I stacked these papers on top of each other to create the look of layers.
To begin, create a new artwork file and open the files to be used.
Using the Move Tool, drag and drop the files to be used. Then moved the first element to be layered.  For this example used the torn notebook paper.  At this point if you want add a special effect, like a drop shadow, to be applied to all the papers you will want to create that now.  (You can find more on how to create a drop shadow here.)
Since, I wanted to create a stacking/layering effect with the notebook paper, I right clicked and duplicated the layer.
Then, I added another duplicate layer to create three notebook pages the same size.  Next I used the Move Tool to turn them to ake it appear as they were stacked.
I hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday.  Join me again for more creative inspiration.  
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear friends.

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