Photoshop Friday - Blurring Digital Pattern Papers

Welcome to another Photoshop Friday fun and easy tutorial.  Today, we are going to be adding some softness to our background paper by adding a little blur to it.  
You definitely couldn't do this with traditional scrapbook paper!  
To begin, open up your files to be used.  Create a new artwork file. 
Using the Move Tool, drag and drop the digital paper on the new artwork file.  (Notice above that there are two layers.  One being the pattern paper and one being the background - which is transparent for this file.)

From the Filter drop down menu, select Blur and Surface Blur.
Using the sliders, slide the Radius and Threshold to change the look.  By selecting the preview, you can see it before you apply it to the background paper.  Save the file if you would like to use again.  
Then create a new file.  Drag and drop the new blurred, soft background onto the new artwork file.  Continue to add digital papers and elements until desire look is achieved. Save the file and print.
Have you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday?  If  you want more fun and easy digital tips, click on tutorials on the sidebar for more digital inspiration.

Wishing you a creative day, dear friends.

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

This is so gorgeous, Sheila! It doesn't even look digital...just amazing. And the tutorial is fabulous. Thank you so much! I've posted this to our FB page today! Hugs!