Photoshop Friday - Adjusting Size of Digital Art Stamps

Welcome back to another Photoshop Friday creative tutorial.  I am posting a day early this week, as I will be remembering 9/11 tomorrow.  Every Friday this month, I will be sharing more easy Photoshop tutorials that will take you digital artwork to a new level.  
This week, we will be talking about the versatility of using digital art stamps.  Before I started creating digital, I had shelves and shelves of wooden and acrylic stamps.  I loved using different inks, paints and techniques to change the look of the stamp.  Unfortunately, I could never alter the size of the stamps.  
But creating with digital stamps, gives us the freedom of using the same stamp and adjusting the size to fit your artwork. 
Start by creating your new artwork file.  Open the files to be used, dragging and dropping them into place on your new artwork.
Using the Move Tool, drag and drop the artwork stamp onto your artwork.  By clicking in the corner of the image, you can re-size the digital stamp proportionately.  
Once the desired look is achieved, save your artwork file and print.  The example is on a digital layout, but you can use this technique for printable cards, digital greetings and more.

I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop tutorial. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, sweet friends.

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Unknown said...

I like the style you do your stamps. It is very stylish and simple. I have some plugins on my mac, maybe it can help me to do the same.