The Best Memories are Homemade - Recipe Album

Don't you just love a good family homemade recipe?  You know the kind... the ones rich in memories and made with love.  
 I created this Homemade Mini Album from some of my favorite Crafty Secrets images for Photographs and Memories the name for The Scrappy Gourmet.

This album is filled with not only family favorite memories and heartfelt journaling.
Each tag has cute, vintage images and a journaling spot to put your favorite recipe or thought.
Why not journal about what is your family's favorite pizza?  My family is very picky about their pizza.  I love thin crust and everything on it, so it is a rare treat for me when I get my favorite pizza.  How about you?
Why not include your family favorite meals in your album?  It is a great way to document your family life.
One of the best recipes in this album is Grammy and Grandpa's Special Pancakes.  Our kiddos love those pancakes and request them whenever they are there.  I think it is because of all the love that is poured into this recipe.  
Do you love Thanksgiving dinner?   Why not document what yours consists of?  It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Grammy homemade Pecan Pie!
Or how about journaling about that comfort food that you enjoy.  For me it is a warm cup of Chai Tea and it's even better when shared with family or a dear friend.
I used this cake image to document Gram's Chocolate Cake, which is a birthday favorite.  Many a chocolate cake has been made for our family to blow out their candles too.
Served with chocolate icing or heated up with butter (my favorite), it bring back many wonderful memories of Gram's.
These recipes are cherished oot only for their yummy goodness, but all the wonderful memories that surround them.
I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into our family recipe album.
I hope it encourages you to create a recipe album of your own.  Or if you would like, pick up the kit.  It comes complete with instructions and all the pieces to put this album together.

Some of the best memories are homemade...  
Don't you agree?


Wanda said...

Holy crap...that is adorable. I love how you used the tags. :)

suzyb said...

Love this little album. My mother and I used to bake together but unfortunately no pictures were taken. Sad. I miss my Mum and the time we shared together. She and my Dad would teach me things in the kitchen. My Dad made the best lemon meringue pie ever! :)