Photoshop Friday - Highlighting Text

Welcome to another Photoshop Friday, digital tutorial.  Don't you just love background pattern paper?  I know I do, especially the ones that have words or images on them.  
 But when you want to journal on top of these beautiful papers, especially digitally, it just doesn't show up nicely.  This tutorial will walk you through the  easy steps to highlight your text and make your pages look professional.
Open your files to be used and create a new artwork file.  Drag and drop your digital papers and elements onto your new artwork file.  Select the Color Picker Tool and hover over the desired color to match the color.
Next go back to your artwork file and select the Text Tool and add your text.   Making sure that your text layer is highlighted, click on the add a New Layer Icon at the top of  Layers Pallet.
Making sure that the new layer is under the text layer, click on the Paint Tool.  Select the brush, size, and opacity.
Paint to highlight the text.  If you don't like it you can always click the Undo button at the bottom and start over.  That is the great thing about creating digitally, it can be "unpainted" in a click of a button.  Now try to do that with traditional paint and pattern paper!
Continue painting and adjusting opacity until desired look is achieved.
I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop Tutorial.  Join me again next week for some more inspiration and easy tutorials!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear friends.


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