Photoshop Friday - Using a Clipping Mask

Welcome to another Photoshop Friday fun and easy digital tutorial.  Today we are going to be using Clipping Masks to create new digital elements from ones we already have.  This makes all you digital elements just that much more versatile when you learn this easy technique!

For my digital layout, I incorporated the heart digital element behind my text, so I started out typing the text.
Next I opened the heart element file and used the Move Tool to drag and drop it into place.
Making sure that the heart layer is under the text layer.
This next step is very important..  Make sure that you have the heart layer highlighted.  Next drag and drop the pattern paper that you would like to use onto your artwork file (see below).
This will block out all layers underneath the heart layer, but don't worry by clipping the paper to the heart element it will only be on top of the heart image.  On a PC hit Ctrl G or on a Mac Cmd G to clip it into place.
Now this pattern paper is clipped to the heart elemnt.  For this page, the original rhinestone heart was out of place, but clipping pattern paper to it created the heart shape tha worked well with the feel of this layout.
I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop Friday Tutorial.  Join me again next week for more inspiration.

Do you have a questions on how to do something digitally, let me know and I will try to help.

Wishing you a wonderful day, sweet friends.  

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