Photoshop Friday - Clipping Photo to Text

Hello friends.  Welcome to another Photoshop Friday fun and easy tutorial.  Today we are going to be learning how to clip a photo to text.  
Create a new artwork file and add your digital papers and elements.  For the layout, I used a bubble photo that I wanted to clip to the text to add interest.  
Using the Type Tool, I added the text to my artwork file. 
I then selected my bubble photo and used the Move Tool to drag and drop the photo on top of the text layer.
Make sure the image covers the text and then clip it to the text layer by selecting the photo layer by using Ctrl G on the PC or Cmd G on the Mac.
Once the image is clipped, you can use the move tool and move the photo to get it to its desire position.

To add more dimension add a drop shadow by clicking on the fx Effects and selecting the one you would like to use.
I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop Tutorial.  

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear friends.


Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank you, Sheila. This is an interesting lesson!

Margaret C. Mack said...

Thank you for sharing. This might be helpful. I also recommend to try this app for clipping photo to text. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it.