Life is Good Mini Album

Celebrate the goodness of your life...
All those special moments in your everyday life... from those everyday moments to the special memories.  
This small album can be packed full of your special moments and memories. 
Do you love using your camera phone to capture moments?  I know I do because my phone is with me where ever I go.
And my using some wonderful photo apps, you too can capture beautiful moments when you don't have your big girl camera.
The apps on your phone can edit the photos using filters, adjustments and textures.
They can even add text, stickers and photo edges.
The great thing having all this editing power in your hand, is that you can be sitting in the waiting room, waiting for your kiddos to finish their practice or sitting watching TV and still edit a few photos.
No longer to you have to be behind your desk editing photos or drag your big girl camera out to capture that special memory.
Camera phones have made it so much easier to capture the goodness of life.
This kit is now available for an incredible price at The Scrappy Gourmet.  At this price these kits will be going fast!  You won't want to miss out on this one!

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