Vintage Varsity - Nothin' but Net

Even our girl got involved in swooshing a few hoops when she was younger.  With Coach Dad by her side, she and the whole team began the season losing every game... many games the point spread was so severe that they stopped keeping score.

By the end of the season, this team of kids that had never played basketball before came together and was actually winning games... some even to the ones that had beat them before so badly.
Layout created with 7 Gypsies Vintage Varsity Papers and Ephemera, Canvas Corp Brands Burlap, and Canvas Pennant)
If you ask Coach Dad, it was one of the best coaching experiences he has had.  They came together as individuals with little to no basketball experience and by the end of the season they were playing together as a team... and experiencing success on the court.

Love being able to document this moment in our family life.  Brings back so many wonderful memories.  

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