Be Who You Were Created...

Being a mom and seeing our children growing up fills my heart with such pride and joy.  It is a bitter sweet  time in my life, where they are starting to fly the nest.  Our daughter away at college pursuing her dreams and this week we take our son on his first college visit... away from home.  Next year he will be graduating from high school and deciding where he will be attending college.  It is hard to let go and let them fly.  There are days where I want them to be little again... where we could easily protect them, give them a kiss and all would be better.  Our role now is to continue to guide them and give them encouragement to be who they were created to be.  I have faith that God has great plans for each of them.  I am so incredibly blessed to be their mom.

Love you both!

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primrosesattic said...

it is so hard being a parent. and letting go is yet another hard step.