Creating Again

There are moments in life, when the storm is so great all you have the energy to do is hang on for dear life and ride.  This past year or so, has had many in my family doing just that.
Seeing someone you love go through cancer, can make the smallest tasks seem overwhelming.  Creativity is gone.  You are in survival mode... just trying to survive the next storm that is always brewing under the seeming calm. 

After months, I finally found my creativity again, but my sweet mom still hadn't... It pained me not to see her quilting.  To see her go through so much pain after God called my Dad home, and feeling so helpless in not being able to take the pain away.

Recently, I see her finding joy once more as she creates with fabric, needle and thread.  It makes me heart happy!  

Love you Mom!

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vivian said...

life is so tough sometimes and youre right.. we get thrown into survival mode and everything else takes a back burner. but thank God that those are just "moments in time" and that they pass so that we can return to a more normal or a new normal state of being! Heres to a new week full of sweet blessings!