Handmade Christmas

Each year we decorate our home with our vintage, keepsake and handmade ornaments.  As we pull out each one and hang them on the tree, we are reminded of that special person or memory.  
But the handmade ornaments are one of my favorites...  each one is handcrafted with love and filled with memories.
This precious heart I made at our annual Christmas Tea with my dear friend and our kiddos.
It is a sweet reminder of our friendship and how incredibly blessed I am.  

What is your favorite ornaments to decorate with?


Julie Marie said...

Hello Sheila... your little handmade heart ornament is so pretty!... and you are right, handmade or family heirloom ornaments are the most precious of all... my favorite ornament is a shabby little angel with a broken wing that was mine when I was a little girl... Merry Christmas to you!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Sooo lovely! I would love to see your tree bedecked with all these cherished ornaments! I have a set of tart tins that I made a few years ago...all shabby and white. I love them!