Christmas Art Journal

One of our favorite traditions is decorating for Christmas. 
Many of our ornaments are handmade, vintage or Hallmark Keepsake ornaments... each have the own unique story to tell.
Even though I love to see other trees decorated with a theme or particular color scheme, I couldn't imagine not decorating with our mixture of ornaments that bring back so many memories.

What about you?  What do you love to decorate with?


primrosesattic said...

We changed from red and green to ice cream colours a couple of years ago. I have kept all our homemade decorations, and each year the children choose a new one each to add to the tree.

Createology said...

I am such a sentimental girl and I love my tree to have all the many varied ornaments and colors from years of collecting and creating. Many years ago I tried to do a "themed" tree in only two colors and it was just not happy at all. I am enjoying your Christmas Art Journal very much. New Year Blessings...