Jumping Out of My Comfort Zone

There are sometimes, when I stretch a little further out of my comfort zone.  I love the look of creating with vintage elements, whether that is digitally or traditionally.  Vintage elements and papers, give my artwork a timeless feel.  It makes my heart happy to create them.  But recently, I have started stretching a little more out of my comfort zone and going a little more modern especially when creating things focusing on the special guys in my family. 
I am just in love with how this layout came out!  I love the grunge, the edgy look and feel, and the colors used.  Maybe it is also because the subject of this layout... now when I look up into those eyes, I remember the little boy who loved Pokemon Cards, Matchbox Cars and Lego's.  Who was our curtain climber, getting into everything... and looked up to his sister.  Now he is enjoys golf, playing basketball, hanging out with his friends, family movie nights and looking down on his mom, dad and sister.  

Hopefully I will be more comfortable with jumping out of my comfort zone more often.  Do you jump out of yours?

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Life on Lemon Lane said...

This is gorgeous Sheila and so are those eyes. It is so fun to remember the way they were and be proud of who they have become. Beautiful job!