Happy Halloween Mini Album

There is something about Halloween that just makes me smile...
Maybe it is because it reminds of my own childhood.  
Maybe it is because it brings make wonderful memories of Halloween pasts when our children were smaller.
The visits to pumpkin patch with our dear friends...
Picking out those special pumpkins to take home.
And the times that our sweet husbands came and joined in on the fun.
Dressing up for our Halloween Party...
Oh, the fun we had dressing up and being kids again! 
Carving our pumpkins into sweet jack-o-lanterns and then lightening them and turning off all the lights.
And of course we can't forget the trick or treating.
And all the yummy candy that was sorted through until you found just that special treat.
Oh, the memories...
Now Halloween is a little different in our house since our kiddos are growing up.
 No more jack-o-lanterns to be carved.  It is just pumpkins sitting around.  No more trick or treating.  Now with our girl is away at college the pumpkin patch hasn't been visited in a few years with our sweet friends.  But the great thing is that I documented these in this cute album to be displayed and looked through each autumn... and I remember.  I remember all these wonderful Halloween Memories.

Happy Halloween!


Laurie said...

It's wonderful Sheila -- I am SO inspired by it!

Unknown said...