Photoshop Friday - Creative Projects

Hello again...  Welcome again to another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  This week I am sharing another easy way to change the look of an existing digital paper.  I love fun bright papers that scream Halloween, but sometimes they just don't go with the photos or the mood that I am trying to achieve.  With digital papers you can change the look of them by a few easy steps.

I loved the look of this pattern paper, but wanted to change the intensity of it to better go with my pictures.  
Start by creating a new file and then open the files to be used.  
Move the pattern paper file on top of the new artwork file.  Next create a new layer.
Then select the color to be used.  I used the white to tone done the intense color, but you can try other colors to create a new and different look.
Next click the Paint Bucket Tool and "paint" the color onto the layer by clicking inside the artwork file.
Next select the Blending Mode and play with the Opacity until the desired look is achieved.
Next merge the layers together to make the new file.  
 At this point you can save the new digital pater paper as a new file, if you want to use this paper the same way again or you can continue to add your images, stamps, photos and journaling to complete your project.

One of the great things about having a digital camera, is that you can years later go to your files and scrapbook these memories.  Can't believe it has been 5 years ago... 

I hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  Join me again next week.
Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends.

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