Photoshop Friday - Creative Projects

Welcome to another Photoshop Friday Creative Projects tutorial.  I just love the versatility of digital papers and elements.  Just by a few short clicks of the mouse, you can change the color of digital papers.   Now you can't do that with traditional scrapbook papers.  If you wanted another color, you would have to spend more money to get that color of paper.  Not with digital papers! 
Start by creating a new artwork file and opening the image files to be used.
Choose the file that you would like to change the color on.  Then select Enhance>Adjust color>Color Variations.  

Adjust the color by selecting each of the Midtones, Shadows and Highlights and then clicking on the increasing and decreasing to change colors. 
Play around until you achieve the desired look.  Remember that the Undo Arrow is your friend if you don't like it, you can reset the file by clicking on the it.
Once you have the color that you like, drag and drop onto the new artwork file.  If you think you will use that colored pattern paper again, remember to save it by creating a new file name.  Now you can use it over and over again!
Continue adding digital elements, stamps and images to your artwork file.  Save and print the file.
I then added vintage book paper, ribbon, photo corners, buttons, glittery ghost and of course added a some Stickles for a glittery affect.
  **TIP - To make sure that your ink doesn't run on your project, after printing us a heat gun to set the ink.  Then add your favorite glitter glue to your project.**
I hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday tutorial.  Join me again next week for more creative inspiration.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friends.

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

This cute card has such a great vintage vibe! I'm learning the joy of being able to change the colors of my digital papers. It really is amazing! Thanks for another great tutorial!! You make it all seem so easy!