Capturing the Moment

Being the photographer of the family, I am normally behind the camera trying to capture the perfect picture to scrapbook and document the moment.  Many times stressing over capturing the moment and missing it entirely.
This weekend, as we celebrated our daughter's 20th birthday, I decided to let someone else capture the moments... and I lived them!  Seeing her surprise and excitement as we pulled out the tiara, crowning her princess for the day.  

I must admit when I saw the pictures, my first thought was I can't scrapbook these.  They are grainy and blurry AND they show my double chin.  But then I really looked at them remembering our daughter's sweet smile and her laughter, and couldn't help but see the beauty in them.

I encourage you to capture your moments, no matter if you have stunningly perfect photos, blurry photos or no photos at all.  Capture those moments, those memories of the ones you love.  Let them know how much they are loved and how important they are to you.

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traci said...

all moments captured are precious. blurry or not.