Art Journal

Creating in this little art journal of mine has been such a delight.
I continue to learn to slow down and enjoy the process of creating art.  In this busy life, many times I rush from one thing to the next trying to get as much done in the shortest about of time.  Just so I can move onto the next thing on my ever growing to do list.
But coming to my art journal and creating has been so rewarding.  It is a refreshing sip of slow down and enjoy life.
To reflect on the many blessings that are here each day, if Ionly take the time to really look.
Thank you for all your sweet words and comments on my previous art journal post.  They meant so much.  I will be sharing more with you as my journal continues to grow.

Wishing you a wonderful day, sweet friends.

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Marrianna said...

Hi Sheila,

I so enjoyed your previous post for your new art journal and this post, also. I wanted to ask if you made the actual journal yourself or found an old book to use?

I also enjoy your Photoshop tutorials. Even though I have a different version of PhotoShop than you use, you have been able to inspire me to look online for ways to do the same tricks. The most recent one I got to research was the cutout tool. It's not on version CS6 so I got to learn a new skill with my version. I used it once and definitely need more practice.

Keep up the great blog posts and art journaling entries. All are lovely.