Seeing Time Challenge - Part II

Back in May, I accepted a challenge that Rebecca Sower had posted here.  I have scheduled time each week to really see the beauty surrounding me.  
There have been moments when it took me more time and effort to see the beauty that surrounds me inbetween the never ending dirty laundry pile, the weeds that constantly invade my garden, the dust gathering on my furniture or the mounting to-do list that always seems so long.
Sometimes in life the dark threatening clouds and rain seem to hang over, but then in an instant God sends us a rainbow.  A sign of beauty... a sign of hope.
These special times that I schedule for myself helps me focus more on the beauty and positive things in life.  It has been a bright spot I look forward to each week.  Hoping you take the challenge too and try to find the beauty around you.  
Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friends.

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