Photoshop Friday - Creative Project

 Welcome back to another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  This week we are going to use different blending modes to create new background papers.  I am so amazed at all the different looks that you can achieve on digital files by just clicking a button.
Create a new artwork file and open up the files to be used.
Using the Move Tool move the papers to be used on top of the artwork file. 
Select the top background paper layer.  The select the Hue from the Blending Mode drop down. 
Next, use the Opacity Slider to adjust the opacity. 
As you can see from the new background it greener now by putting the yellow background paper on top and adjusting blending modes.  Make sure to save you new background paper as a new name so that you can use it over and over again.
I hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday tutorial.  I hope you join me again next week.

Wishing you a creative weekend, sweet friends.


GranthamLynn said...

Oh great tutorial. I was wondering lately about digital scrapbooking after KV where Bloggers Create. I am clueless until now. I came by from your comment about my sewing room. I think I am on the wrong blog but glad I clicked on this one. I'll follow you. Thank you for commenting and visiting my little closet sewing room. I'll check out more on your tutorials.
Thanks for sharing.

GranthamLynn said...

I remember your 'space' now. I think you have pulled me over to the digital scrapbooking club! I love the tribute to your father. My daughter commented today about all the pics she has on her phone of her son! I have a blog for him but have been wanting to do more. I think she would love a photo album like this. Yours was so creative. I've always loved the altered pages type crafts. I am not sure what it's called LOL. You have definitely inspired. I am going to read up on it. (Like I have time for a new hobby.) LOL! But it's for Christmas! BTW if you have Christmas related pages or posts please share them on my Count Down To Christmas linky!