Photoshop Friday - Creative Project

Welcome again to another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  Today, we are going to using the Overlay Mode to Create Masks.  The best thing about using Blending Modes is all the looks that you can achieve by just changing them.
Create your new artwork file.  For this one, I created on a white background since I was using a light background and knew I wanted to blend papers and photos.  It allows you to see the colors better when using a white background versus a transparent background.
Next use the Move Tool drag and drop the papers, photos and elements (quote) into place.  
As you can see in the above example, by clicking on the quote layer it shows that the Blending Mode is Normal at 100% Opacitiy.  By clicking on the drop down menu and selecting the Overlay Mode it created a mask on the photo.  I then played with the Opacity Slider to achieve the desired look.
You can also do this by putting the element (the cross below) on top of the pattern paper.  Then select the cross layer and change the Blending Mode to Overlay and use the Opacity Slider to achieve the desired look.
I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop Friday tutorial.  Join me again next week.

Wishing you a creative weekend, dear friends.

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