Photoshop Friday - Creative Project

Thank you for joining me for another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  Today, we are going to learn how to create new effects using the digital stamps to create this Bottle of Wishes.

To begin, measure your bottle to get the dimensions needed.  Then create your artwork file.

Instead of stamping this project in black, I choose to stamp in a color by creating a new layer filled with color.

Then simplify the color layer just made.

Next duplicate the color layer.

Then drag and drop the color layer on top of the each of the text and frame layers.

Then click on the color layer above the layer to be clipped and click Control G to clip the color layer to each text and frame layer. 

Next choose the frame layer and click the fx Effects button.  Select from the Styles drop down menu the Wow Plastics and choose the button.  

Repeating for each layer that you would like to have the effect on.  Save and then print your file.

I printed it on white cardstock and then backed it with vintage flocked wallpaper.  I added vintage lace and seam binding and tied it with tulle.  

This would be a great gift or table accent for a wedding or baby shower, filling it with well wishes.

I hope you enjoyed another easy and fun Photoshop Friday Creative Project.

Wishing you a creative weekend, sweet friends.


peggy gatto said...

Thank you!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I just love this altered bottle! The shabby ribbon is the perfect accent. (Blue is my favorite color!) Thanks, Sheila!