Simple Joys

May 12, 2014

The simple joys of  rising before my household wakes up.  Each morning, I sit here at my table reading my daily devotionals, reflecting on God's word and praying.

Some days I able to linger just a little bit more... reading, praying and getting ready for my day.

Other days are busier, but I still make time for myself here at our table.  It starts my day off with a calmness and prepares me for what lies ahead.  

Do you have simple joys that you treat yourself to?  I would love to hear...

Wishing you joy today, sweet friends.

traci said...

I love morning when I am the first one up. The quiet soothes my soul. I too read my devotional and enjoy my coffee.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

My daily is best when I can drink it all by myself in the quiet of the morning...Beautiful post, Sheila!

Stephanie said...

Cup of chai and my puppy on my lap!