Seeing Time Challenge

Earlier this week, I read Rebecca Sower's thought provoking post on Seeing Time and I knew I had intentionally make the time to actually see the beauty that is all around me.  

I too suffer from having a list of things to do a mile long... and always feeling the overwhelming need to get it all done that day just to add more items to the list for the next day.  When I complete a certain amount tasks on my list then I reward myself and take time go outside and just enjoy.  But all too many times, when I go outside I see more things that need to be done and start those tasks instead of taking the time to breathe in deeply and to really see my word around me.

So I took Rebecca's Challenge...  I can't begin to explain how much better that I felt both physically and mentally.  It did my heart good and I felt refreshed afterwards.   

Here are just a few things that I would have missed if I didn't take the time...

The setting sun casting it's glow.

The feeder, my dad made, filled with bird seed just waiting for a hungry visitor.

Thank you Rebecca for challenging me to really take the time to "see".  This next month, I am challenging myself to add more "seeing times", instead of filling my things to do list with the ever ending tasks of cleaning, weeding and running errands.  Won't you join us?  

Wishing you many "seeing" times, dear friends.


Julie Marie said...

Just beautiful Sheila!... both your photos and your words... so happy you are taking the time to really, really see everything... love the bird feeder your daddy made... and your Iris (my mama always called them "Flags") is gorgeous!... when I post about Jack's and my daily Nature walks, I always say don't just keep your eyes open... keep an open heart and an open mind as well... it will amaze you what beautiful pleasures await... xoxo Julie Marie

traci said...

Such an important concept that we wives and mothers must learn to do. Your images are gorgeous. Here's to slowing down, living in the moment and noticing all the beauty around us!!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful Sheila!
I'm loving your photos. I can tell you really were savoring the moment.
And I love that you're planning to do this every week--now I'm challenged! :)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Such a lovely post...and your photography skills make me just a little bit have that eye to capture the moment....and it's wonderful! One of my favorite quotes: Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. Hugs!