Photoshop Friday - Creative Projects

Thank you for joining me for another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  This week we are going to create easy recipe cards using Photoshop Elements.

Create your new file for your artwork and enter the dimensions desired.  Open the files to be used.

I loved the kitschy recipe card by Crafty Secrets and the cherry image, but wanted to adjust the image to have the same tone and feel as the card.

I played with adjusting the midtones, shadows, highlights and saturation.  This may take a little playing to achieve the desired look.

Once you like the image, click OK to apply it.

Then use your Move Tool to drag, drop and re-size. 

I love how the new adjusted image just goes so well with this cute card!

Next add your text by using the Text Tool.  Save and print the file.  Trim image.

This recipe is one of our family favorites from my beloved "other" mom.  It is great served with fresh strawberries and cream.  Yummy!

This would be a great gift idea to share those special family recipes with those you love.  Combine the recipe with some of the ingredients or special utensil to make it. Great for wedding showers, that person moving out on their own, or just to give to someone you love to share a little bit of yourself with them.

Hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday Creative Project.  Join me again next time.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.


Elizabeth said...

This is fabulous. I have meaning to do a set of family recipes for each child and these are very inspirational.

Darlene said...


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Soooo super cute! Love how vintagey these are!

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