Photoshop Friday - Creative Projects

Thank you for joining me for another Photoshop Friday Creative Projects.  I love creating thought felt and beautiful gifts from the heart, but it wouldn't be complete without creating a package that is as lovely as the gift.  Today, we are going to customize photo tags for those special gifts.

Determine the size of tag for your gift and then open a new artwork file.

Open your file to be used.  Then using your Move Tool drag, dropping and re-sizing onto your new artwork file.

Click on your Text Tool to add text.  Remember you can change your font, size, leading and others by adjusting them in the Text Pallet that pops up when you use the Text Tool.

Next Save your artwork file and print.

These are so simple to make and multiplies can be made by changing the To and From.  Do you love giving gifts of food from your garden?  Wouldn't it be fun to add a picture of you preparing the food and/or you in the garden... then adding "From Our Garden" or "From Our Kitchen"?

I hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday Creative Project. Please join me again next week.

Wishing you a wonderful, creative weekend dear friends.


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous tags Sheila!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These are so special, Sheila...I just love them!