Faith & Friendship

May 7, 2014

There are moments in life where all is right in the world.  The sun is shining, flowers growing and birds chirping their beautiful song.  Then there are moments where the struggles of life overwhelm you and seem to keep you hostage.  You can't see the sun shining through the dark, thunderous clouds that seem to suck you in.   This past year, has been an emotional roller coaster seeing my dad struggle to fight cancer...

Moments that tested my faith in God and myself to get through them.  Through my journey there were many blessings.  The time that we spent together with my dad, the friendships cards, emails and letters that arrived just when I needed them.  Growing closer together as family and friends, friendships made and reading God's word daily.

There are still times that I struggle and those dark clouds start forming, but then I remember that with my faith in God, my supportive family and caring friendships I can make it through.
I created these beautiful layouts to remind me how incredibly blessed I am...
Wishing you a blessed day, sweet friends.

Leah C said...

My heart is full...and I am moved to tears. Thank you, sweet dear friend, for blessing me with the gift you are. Faith & friendship. Love you more. xoxo