Photoshop Friday - Creative Projects

I am so excited to start my new Photoshop Friday Creative Projects Tutorial.  I hope you join me each week as we create some beautiful home decor, memory gifts and fun party ideas using Photoshop Elements.  

(Creative Project using - Crafting Secrets Creeating with Vintage Typography CD)

First open your photo and files to be used.

I loved the texture and distressed envelope to create texture.  By selecting the Move Tool, I dragged the top right corner of the envelope to pull the stamped image off the photo.  Leaving just the watermarks in the bottom left of the photo.

Highlighting the texture layer (layer with the envelope), I then played around with Blending Mode and Opacity until the desired look was achieved.  

Next I moved the "A Beautiful Life" .png file by selecting the Move Tool and dragging, dropping and re-sizing to fit in the lower left corner of photo.

Next save your file, print and put in your favorite frame.

This is a great way to create some beautiful artwork for your home by using your own photos.  I hope you enjoyed this Photoshop Friday Creative Projects Tutorial.  Hope to see you back next week for another fun and easy creative tutorial.

I am so honored and thrilled to be featured on Thoughts from Alice Sunday's at Home Linky Party.

  Won't you join me for more inspiration from Alice and others?  I have followed Alice for years and enjoy coming to her little place each time.  Her incredible sense of style and beautiful, heartfelt posts makes it a treat each time I visit.  Hope to see you there!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, sweet friends.


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Such a beautiful framed image! Love the way you combine old with new. Always beautiful!

Alice Wingerden said...

Hey Sheila! Love this! I want to feature it today at my Sundays at Home link party! Would you be willing to add my link back within your post so that I can? (I made it a guideline and want to stick to it for features). If you had a separate link party page that I didn't see just let me know! Thanks :)