Remember - the Good Stuff

Today, I am choosing to see and remember all the good stuff.

The love and support of my sweet family and dear friends.

(Remember Mini Album - Limited Quantities available)

The precious every day moments spent with people I love.

The little moments that make me smile.

Having my camera phone helps me to document all the good stuff during my day.  

(See more photos here or here)

Do you love Instagram? This sweet little Remember mini album kit is a mixture of everyday moments and the big ones... for one small price.  Whether you capture your Instagram photos or photos that you crop down to fit, you are sure to love this little album documenting all your "good stuff".

Wishing you a day filled with good stuff, sweet friends.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Sheila... love all of your special little moments filled with good stuff... love that tractor photo!... I don't do instagram... or twitter or facebook or such... trying not to spend as much time on the computer and be outdoors more... have a blissful day, xoxo Julie Marie said...

What a perfect way to save those Instagram moments!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Just wonderful! You are on my mind a lot these days...always with prayer. Hugs!

Leah C said...

Life is full of good stuff! Sometimes it may be hard to see; but that's when we really need to look for it. xo