Photoshop Friday - Using the Burn Tool

The you for joining me again today for another Photoshop Friday fun and easy tutorial.  I love the look of vintage ephemera.  I am just drawn to the darken, aged papers.  Today we will be using the Burn Tool to achieve a nice aged look to digital images. 

(Layout created with Crafty Secrets Sew Decorative CD)

Make sure to create a new file to do any adjustments on so you don't change the original. 

Once you have a created a new file, drag and drop you image in and add a new layer.  Then click on the Burn Tool in you pallet.  You can adjust the Brush, Range, Size and Exposure to get your desired look.

Next is the fun part... now paint around your image.  In this image I highlighted the fold marks too to give them more age.

You can also play with the Blending Mode and Opacity to have more control over your final image.  Remember if there is something that you don't like, click you Undo Button.

Just look at the difference...  Depending on your application you may want to make it dark or lighter.  That is the great thing about digital elements and papers, you can really make them you own.

(Layout created with Crafty Secrets Sew Decorative CD)

Thank you for joining me again for another Photoshop Friday.  I am joining up with Jenn Rizzo's Fabulously Creative Friday... Won't you join me?

  Come back next week when I share another fun and easy tutorial.
Wishing you a creative weekend, dear friends.

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

The way you aged this is amazing! Love the whole layout. Especially the button frame!