Photoshop Friday - Erasing Using Layers

Thank you for joining me for another Photoshop Friday.  I hope that you are learning and enjoying these tutorials as much as I am doing them.   Today, I am sharing an easy erasing technique by using layers in Photoshop.

I love having a layering effect with images.  Such as the beautiful rose image going above and below the journal tag. 

Sometimes it is difficult to erase without erasing parts that you don't want erased. 

By layering this rose image one below the tag and one above (see about layers pallet), it easily let you erase this leaf that is over the tag in the upper right corner.

Make sure to select the top layer image then click the Ease Tool (the small pink eraser).  Then erase the part of the image over the journal tag.  Because you have the exact image below the tag it won't erase that image thus allowing you to easily erase the above leaf image.

I then saved, and printed the artwork on cardstock.  I trimmed it to a card size, added some pearl embellishments and a pretty bow to complete.

I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop tutorial.   I am linking up with Jenn Rizzo's Fabulously Creative Friday.  Won't you join me?  See you next week!

Wishing you a creative and warm weekend, dear friends.


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

This is gorgeous, Sheila!

Rush'd Lady said...

I don't have Photoshop as it is incompatible with my computer, however, I have learned to use my MS Paint program to substitute. The only thing I don't like is not having automatic photo enhancement capabilities. Perhaps I will try your suggestion and experiment with my program by making a portion of the image. I find it easier to zoom the image when erasing some portion of an image and the edit button is always there in case I make an oops! :)