Photoshop Friday - Understanding Layers

Happy New Year and welcome to another Photoshop Friday tutorial.  Understanding layers in Photoshop is one of the keys to creating beautiful artwork.  When you get a grasp of how it works you will be amazed at how easy it is to create digital scrapbook pages.

When opening Photoshop, make sure that your layers pallet is open.  Just like when you are creating a scrapbook page with glue and paper you start with the background and build up.  That is similiar to the layers in Photoshop.  When you open a file that becomes your background.   In paper scrapbooking you start laying pictures and embellishments on your page.  Each picture or embellishment is a different layer, just like in Photoshop.  If you want to move your layers you drag and drop to change the order.

Linking Layers
Much like in paper scrapbooking you can glue layers together and then position them on your background, Photoshop can do the same thing just by clicking the link layers icon.  The great thing about creating digitally is if you don't want them linked together you can unlink them.

Layer Visibility
In the left colum of your layers pallet there is a little eye icon.  If you want to see what your page looks like without a certain layer you can click on the eyeball icon to hide that layer from sight. 

Each layer you can reduce or increase the opacity by changing the percentage. 

The best advice I can give you is to play and experiment until you get the desired look. 

I hope you enjoyed another fun and easy Photoshop tutorial.  I am joining Jenn Rizzo's Fabulously Creative Friday, won't you join me?  Join me on Monday as I join for the Crafty Secrets DT Challenge.

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends.

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