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Holiday Shirt - Redo

January 27, 2014

What do you do with handmade Christmas shirts that you can no longer wear, but can't bear to part with them?

(Picture 12/2009 of me and my dear friend)

You make them into pillows...

I hated that I had gotten some stains on the holiday shirts that just won't come out.  But I just couldn't bear to part with them because they were made by my sweet twin sister and my dear mom.

And just look at all the vintage buttons that they used...

So pillows were the perfect solution to re-purposing these cuties.  These pillows make me smile each time I see them.  So next time you think about throwing out that cute holiday shirt, maybe you might just want to make them into some throw pillows to continue enjoying them a little longer.

Wishing you a creative day, sweet friends.

Julie Marie said...

Oh my gosh Sheila, those are just the cutest things I have ever seen!... I love all of the vintage buttons on them... I have an old Christmas sweater my sister who passed away gave me... it is shabby and worn but like you, I cannot part with it... it's the perfect thing to make a Christmas pillow out of!... thanks for the inspiration... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C said...

A wonderful those pillows! And where did that photo come from??? xo

Grammy Goodwill said...

What a great idea! Unfortunately, I no longer have any of those sweaters.

20 North Ora said...

What a great idea! I think pillows can be made out of anything - but then, I'm a real pillow person! I am your newest follower!