Enjoying the Journey

 Living at the speed of life, sometimes I forget to enjoy the journey we are on instead of arriving at our final destination.  I remember as young girls we traveled down to the lake to visit my grandparents.  The journey was LONG, windy and hilly, which made my little sister car sick so we had to stop along the back roads many time during our journey.  We were always asking my mom and dad, "Are we there yet", especially when we were the ones holding the bag for our sister!

(Layout created with Crafty Secrets Travel Creative Scraps and My Minds Eye's Papers)

I remember during those stops seeing all the old farm houses, barns, old railroads and thinking how beautiful these things were.  After my sister was better, the car would start again.  My mom and dad would relive the stories of their childhood, or play "I spy" as we continued on our journey.  Thank goodness years later my sweet sister grew out of her car sickness, so we didn't stop as often but we still enjoyed our car rides to Grandpa and Grandma's.    

In November 2010, my sweet crafty friends Kara, Nora and I were excitedly heading for Silver Bella.  It was a long awaited destination that we were eager to get to, but instead of racing up there we stopped along the way at a wonderful antique mall and made some lasting memories.  Love you girls!

(Layout created with Crafty Secrets Travel Creative Scraps and My Minds Eye's Papers)

Creating this layout, I am reminded again to not always travel at breakneck speed to get to that dream or destination... only seeing what is in front of me and not enjoying what is around me during my journey.  To really take time to smell the flowers and see God's beauty and blessings each day on our journey.

Wishing you a beautiful journey, sweet friends.


Julie Marie said...

This is such a darling post Sheila!... I love the little layout you have done... and I loved hearing your memories of traveling as a little girl and stopping to enjoy all of the countryside on your way to your grandparents house... we would travel to New Mexico to visit my grandparents, and we too would always ask "are we there yet"?... maybe for you and I, we were just sooo excited to see our grandparents back then!... now, I try to slow down and enjoy the "journey" wherever I am going too... xoxo Julie Marie

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh as a kid I remember going on car trips with my grandparents and asking are we there yet
or are we almost there Grandma would say 5 more minutes and it would be hours LOL
We all have sweet memories of our childhood.
Glad you sister got over the car sickness finally

Alice Wingerden said...

I get caught in the trap often of thinking life is a "destination" and feel like I am in a race that I am losing. Thank you for this post...I really needed it today Sheila!

Leah C said...

The journey is what life is all about:) xo