Photoshop Friday - Filling Images using Clipping Masks

Welcome to another Photoshop Friday tutorial.  Today, we are going to learn about using images with you clipping masks.  Earlier, I showed how to use Text as Clipping Masks.  Now we are going to add photo images to it for a new fun effect.

Start off by creating your digital file.

Add your text... remember that big, thick fonts work best. 

Now drag your pattern paper over the top of the text layer (see above layers pallet).

Hit Ctrl G to clip the pattern paper layer to the text.

Next drag and drop your photo image directly above the pattern paper image.  Hit Ctrl G to clip both layers to the text.  Using your Move Tool position the photo in a letter.

If you would like, you can use a drop shadow for an extra effect.  Click here for tutorial on adding Drop Shadows

I hope you enjoyed another Photoshop Friday.  See you next time.

Wishing you a wonderful creative weekend.

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