For the Love of Birds

This past year my sweet Dad, who currently is battling cancer, has shared his love of birds with me.  It started when my Dad gave me a bird feeder, then another one and another one.

I sit in the mornings and enjoy watching these guys come in to eat.  It amazes me to see some some of them sharing the food and others that aren't as polite.  They tend  to run the other birds off and enjoy the bird feed all to themselves.

When I see a new bird, I reach to grab for my camera and then the phone to call my Dad sharing my excitement about my birds.

Currently, my dad is in the skilled nursing facility, so he is greatly missing seeing his birds.  Hopefully soon he will be home once again, watching his birds and waiting for my call.

Thanks Dad, for sharing your love of God's creatures.  Every time I see one, I think of you.
Love you Daddy!


Leah C said...

Birds are so interesting to watch...they really do have social interactions. You've captured some great photos of "your birds"! Have you shared them with your Dad? He'd love them:) And I'm keeping him in my prayers...hoping he comes home soon!! xo

traci said...

How beautiful. I am sure you think if him always while watching the birds. Prayers to him.

Julie Marie said...

Your birds are just beautiful Sheila... I hope your daddy is home soon and watching his birds too... prayers for him and also for you... xoxo Julie Marie

Marissa said...

We Love birds too.. This year we haven't had a chance to go out as much with a new-born I can't wait to go once she is bigger . I love the picture of the titmouse bird precious.