Happy Birthday Buddy

16 years ago today God blessed us with you.  I remember that moment that the doctor said you were a boy, my thoughts were I don't know what to do with a boy.  Being raised with all sisters, I didn't know the first thing about little boys.

I quickly learned how to be a Mom to a boy.  I found out that Matchbox cars are neat, sports can be fun to watch (as long as you are playing them) and how to grab a kiss and hug from you before you leave the house so no one else can see.

I am so blessed and proud to be able to watch you grow into a fine young man.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!  Love you!


Julie Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Buddy!... what a handsome young man he is!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy birthday to your boy! Whenever I see baby girls, I find it so strange as I am used to taking care of boys. :) Best wishes, Tammy

P.S. Jingles is always looking for blades of grass to munch on and there's always some that sprout up especially when I get new potting soil. :)

Leah C said...

I'm still wondering where that little boy with the big blue eyes went...there he is...he grew into an Amazing young man!! Happy Birthday to you, dear Connor! Love you more:) xo