Where Did that Little Boy Go?

There are moments in time, when this mom gets a hard dose of reality...

Editing these pictures was one of them.  

Where did my sweet little boy go?  
 The one who toddled around after his older sister.  
The one who had sweet curls at the nape of his neck.

Now he has grown taller than all of us and is blazing a new trail of his own.  Enjoys engineering class in high school, loves playing basketball, will find him on a golf course when the weather is good, and loves to tease his family and friends.

And then when I look into his eyes, that is when I see the little boy who has grown into a handsome young man who we are so very proud of.  

Love you buddy!


vivian said...

Hes very handsome! I look at my boys sometimes and think how much I miss them being little... and then Im just thankful that we all survived those growing up years and that they are both etching out good lives for themselves.. I do still think of them as kids though, and they are 25 and 27wait.. maybe they are 26 and 28.. Isnt that awful, I have to stop and figure it out! Yikes! now I wonder how old my girls are! LOL! have a great day!

Unknown said...

he looks sweet and handsome. kind eyes. i'm sure you very proud of him ( i have one as well. where DOES the time go?) sniff...sniff...

Danette Bartelmay said...

This is precious Sheila~ and hits me where I live. Just a few moments ago I had 2 little girls. Now they are grown, married women. One of them expecting her second baby. How does it happen?
Your son is quite handsome and I am sure a real blessing,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I can see that he is definitely losing that baby face. Zack is 15 and is 6 feet tall now but I still see a baby face (even with the hint of a mustache). :/ Just the other day at school, a friend and I were saying that all the kids have matured so much in this past year -- especially looking at Zack's group of friends. A year ago, they were still little boys, and now they are becoming young men. So strange to witness the passage of time ... Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy